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Walmart Sues Elon Musk’s Tesla over Solar Panel Fire on Roof

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Find out why and how Walmart is Suing Tesla over their buildings catching on fire because of their solar panels

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Here’s the full transcript for today’s Solar Energy Experts episode

All right. Welcome back to the solar energy experts show.

We’re ready to do a, bless you guys. Just some information on renewable energy and solar.

And Look, we love to share all the news, all the recent discoveries about the powerful ways that solar power is positively impacting the lives of millions of people. And we do have some controversy here. A little bit Omid. Yeah. So we,

You got to throw some chaos and they have a little fire brewing.

But I think this is what makes this industry stronger because, I used to work at Direct TV as a satellite TV installer. We used to have problems all the time. They got bought out recently by ATT, but back in the day when there was Direct TV we had a lot of ups and downs, system failures. I was a service technician towards the end of my career there. So I was going around fixing a lot of problems. And that’s what we’re experiencing right now with solar power.

The fact that you’re having all that with Direct TV, I also do feel that problems and failures. How you learn, , like going through everything that’s happening in your life or in your business. The only way for you to make something better is if it fails. Yeah. Cause if it’s going 100% right the entire time, you’re never going to know how to improve it. So as far as, we believe that when some, when we’re succeeding is how we’re going to learn the most. But it’s actually through failure.

Oh yeah. I mean we failed in life all the time. We get dropped down. We have to get back up in order to keep going. So that’s what’s going on right now. We see that Tesla, so Tesla bought out solar city. Solar city was one of Elon Musk’s companies as well back in the day. And he said, all right, I own Tesla and we’re in the energy sector in a way, right? They have,

for those of you that don’t know solar city was a failing solar company back in the day that Tesla came out and acquire it to be able to flip it and get into the renewable energy space.

Yeah. So they own the electrical car industry in that regard. They own also SpaceX is trying to colonize Mars. Yeah. Well that’s Elon Musk that’s separate from Tesla but Tesla itself owns now solar city, which they turn into like solar energy or Tesla solar. I’m sorry. And we just saw that there was kind of a huge issue going on.

So for those of you that don’t know, Walmart is actually suing tesla because Walmart actually has Tesla panels on 244 on their stores. I mean if you don’t mind, we got our iPads out here cause I’m not at memory master like this guy, so I can’t memorize all the information, but we’ve got some juicy information for you. But what happened was apparently Tesla didn’t ground their panels properly. and it sparked a fire at seven different Walmart stores and it damaged, there buildings and damaged their inventory and Walmart came up guns blazing right their ready to sue Tesla. They filed a lawsuit and they were, they were just causing a Ruckus.

Yeah. They say, it says here, the two of the Walmart fires occurred in May, 2018. And there was a joint statement released recently by Walmart and Tesla. They said both companies want each and every system to operate reliably, efficiently and safely. Well, if you have your roofs and your buildings catching on fire, I mean that’s not safe at all whatsoever. So we want to make sure that, all that is taken care of. It just leaves a bad mark on Tesla. And also in the industry because now we as we don’t focus on the business side right now. But we do focus on the residential side. Yeah. Education and just helping out homeowners to learn all about the benefits of solar. If this is something where they have this on the top of their mind, it’s not going to be a good look for the industry. So I really love the fact that they came back to the table instead of just being like, it’s all your fault. , and then they’re trying to fix this because that’s the best way to go about doing it.

And apparently Tesla handled it really well. I don’t know. We don’t know exactly what happened cause they’re not disclosing information of the lawsuit. But when Walmart came out, guns blazing, something happened in the courtroom during the lawsuit and now a week later Walmart apparently backed down. It sounds aggressive because when they first started they were saying, they were telling, tells them you have to remove all the panels off of all of our stores because you breached your contract now a week later there was a statement right here. It says Walmart and Tesla look forward to addressing all issues and reenergizing Tesla solar installations at Walmart stores. Once all parties are certain that all concerns have been addressed, this statement read together. We look forward to pursuing our mutual goal of a sustainable energy future. So something happened where Walmart was pissed, Walmart was trying to go after Tesla, but I think they realized that we’re trying to make a push for renewable energy or something happen. But now everyone’s on the same page.

Yeah. Again, you can never underestimate the power of the influence of Elon Musk as well. Listen and get away from some, SEC Filings against them, some negative things against him. And if he can get away with that, obviously he had to pay a lot of money. I’m pretty sure that he had a lot to do with making sure that this was something that was fixed. Because right now Tesla’s doing a huge push for the residential side. They just did this new thing where you can go on their website and you can like kind of rent in a PPA manner, right? You can rent your power from them for a small monthly payment. You select exactly how many panels you want. You see your price where you can be paying every month, you press click to order and they’d come out and install it. Very simple. Now they’re trying to get away from a salesperson.

Tesla model where you could easily customize your own Tesla, finance, do everything online and they deliver it to your house.


Just trying to make it as effortless as possible copy Amazon.

Yeah. So it was, speaking of Amazon, another company that was having issues with this as well was Amazon. I’m actually back in June, 2018 and the Redlands at the Redlands warehouse. Guess what? Another fire.

Yup. Positive. Yeah.

Causing fires. We see it with, here’s the interesting thing about this. Can the grid, the old, centuries old grid cause fires, have they


It happens, right? Yeah.

A little spark, on the, on the power lines can cause an entire fire, destroy people’s homes. And it’s, it’s not getting that back. Like obviously the fire is really bad, people lose their homes. Some people die, got really bad things happen. But as, as, as a society, they don’t want to blame the grid as much as they want blame solar because solar is something that’s new. It’s emerging and it’s an, it’s a, it’s an industry disruptor.

Yeah. So anything new that happens and it doesn’t have as much wide recognition as all these other entities do, they want to point the finger at them and, and, and really pick out any small faults that they see. going along the same lines of Tesla, when you see a Tesla say accident or a Tesla fire, like a Tesla vehicle catches on fire, the model s and model x, whatever it is that makes headline news and it’s not a a car accident. It says Tesla model s car accident, Tesla model x caught on fire, Tesla model, whatever. Boom.

Elon Musk is the homie and we love him. I mean, you and I as entrepreneurs, I’m sure every entrepreneur, we have a lot of respect for the guy, but the public is, they want it. He’s an industry disruptor and people don’t like that. So, just like you’re saying, , my, my uncle has a Tesla and he had auto pilot mode on and hes about to make a left and then someone ran a red and normally would have hit anyone. But the Tesla has sensors and it caught the car coming in instantly stopped this car, saved his life. Yeah. That’s not going to make headline news. Right. Even though the Tesla time in time out, like it’s helping people. It’s helping them with their driving it. It’s, the technology is amazing.

Yeah. So listen to, these issues are going to happen. It happens with everything. It doesn’t just happen with these new companies. You never see a, Ford F150 caught, got into this accident even though they probably target on its back. Yeah. They, the, these other companies, I’m pretty sure they cause many more accidents and or they don’t cause them, but they are involved in many more accidents than an electric vehicle. But because this is kind of a newer technology, it’s been the, the spotlight is being shown a lot brighter.

Do what else it’s like when it comes to like solar panels there? There are definitely some companies that make some really shitty solar panels, solar panels, , they also have really bad business ethics. They also ruin people’s lives the way some of these businesses run their solar. Yeah. Well, you’ll never hear about it because it’s not Tesla. Elon Musk. Yeah. But when you hear something like that and you’re like, see, I told you solar panels are bad. They’re causing fires. We don’t want a fire in our home. We don’t want to sign up for solar. .

I mean, yeah, it happened in not just one store. So that’s where, okay, we got to give it to Walmart. We got to give it to an Amazon. Something’s going on on the Tesla side. Or it was going on. So we know people that have been around for five, 10 years and we, we know that the views on Tesla on Solar City are not that positive inside of our own industry, however they are starting to shift. So I think all of this bad stuff happened as far as on the installation side when maybe Tesla wasn’t doing their best to keep an eye on everything working exactly the way that it should be working. Right,

Right. A lot of, I mean everyone’s going to have mistakes and failures. We’re all going to take L’s here and there. But it’s like, it doesn’t matter what career you’re in or who you are. I mean, as humans we’re always going to learn from our mistakes. So whenever in a mistake like that happens or something drastic, as long as we make amends and we do our best to improve it and make it better, then the public is always forgiving.

Yeah. So what can we learn from this?

Don’t open up a Walmart store.

I can get to it. No, man, no. Honestly like we really liked the fact that they’re working this out. This is not something that you’re going, it’s going to prevent, solar panels from expanding. It’s going to keep going. This is really the most amazing and honestly the easiest way to help us to stave off from these, the old grid like structure. And it’s free energy, renewable energy, clean energy. We’re not burning fossil fuels to get this. And I feel that this is the future and I really believe that things are going to work out to where, Walmart and Tesla is going to come back to the table and really expand on their partnership.

I agree. what else I think is a really, really cool idea, a cool concept is that like everyone is heard? No, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Yeah. So now everyone’s attention is on solar panels. So now all eyes are on Tesla. Solar. Yeah. And the way you Elon Musk is going to handle this or Tesla as a whole is going to handle this can really bring so much positive attention and eyeballs to solar. Yeah. And honestly, I mean, unfortunately, Walmart store was some, something happened. We don’t know what happened or why it caused it. There’s a lot of different things. We don’t even

The grounding that it happens. Something obviously on the installation side. It could be some. Yeah. But they are going to get to the bottom of it and we know, and we believe in this industry, we believe that this is the future. This is a wave and we know that things are going to get a lot better and they’re going to fix it. They’re going to fix these issues.

Knowing the way Elon Musk is. Knowing the way he The way that he handles situations. He’s going to make this right and he’s going to make this better. And it’s just going to it’s going to make solar that much cooler. Yeah. That’s my guess.

Awesome guys. So that’s it for this story. We are going to be feeding a much more great information about solar renewable energy. We’re going to start doing some like DIY type of educational content as well to help you to like, we know that maybe , you don’t have, even though we had the $0 options, we have free installation options, but maybe you are, someone wants to kind of do yourself. We are going to be teaching you yeah. Where there’s a lot of people out there. Like I said, we’re going to be teaching you how to get power by pretty much doing it on your own as well.

I mean everyone, regardless if you want to get solar, there’s a way to get solar.

Yes. All right. Awesome. That’s it for us here. This is Luis Angel, Omid Kazravan over here Yeah. We’re signing off and we’ll see you or we’ll catch you on the next podcast as well. I’ve been listening, I’m on one of the podcast channels. Make sure to like, subscribe, comment, leave us reviews, five star reviews. Let us know how we can improve it.

in the comment section and we’ll be able to help you guys out. We’d love to be able to serve you. We want to be able to get in your head and like you were saying earlier, we do have a podcast, so all of the audio from all of our videos will be on the podcast. 




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