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Lori Vukcevich Sunrun Solar Review

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Why Lori Vukcevich decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy.

We have a big family, we have a big property, and we have really big electric bills. Going Solar was a topic my husband and I had really thought about for a long time. We didn’t realize that we can make a transition to a green energy source without having a huge capital expenditure. Sunrun is definitely a brand we felt trust in. They had a lot of experience, professionalism, and a lot of options that worked for us. We decided to go with the lease. It was the easiest way for us to get started without putting up a lot of money out of our savings account. It was a good way to see right away that our energy bills were going down and our costs were still maintain at the same level or less. Immediately. We saw after our very first bill cost savings, we’re very happy that we made that commitment and we love seeing our PG and e bill and our electric costs go down every month.