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Jane McClure Sunrun Solar Review

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Why Jane McClure decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy.

I don’t like high pressure sales at all. It really puts me off. I didn’t feel that way at all. With sunrun. We’ve been thinking about going solar for a long time and so the sun run agent came out to the house. I was very comfortable with them. I felt like, they were really invested in explaining it clearly to us and helping us make the right decision that would be best for us. She was wonderful. She was able to answer all of our questions and to explain it very clearly. She showed us on her iPad how the numbers would play out and then she made it easy for us to make the decision about whether to purchase or whether to lease. And leasing was definitely the best way for us to go. With leasing. We don’t have responsibility for taking care of it, so it isn’t anything that we need to worry about.

If we do have any difficulty, we will just call sun run and they’ll be out here right away to fix it. It just, it made us feel really comfortable. We’d liked having that option. I’ve been pleased when I get the bill from PG and e every month because, there’s no charge for electricity. And so financially it’s worked out really, really well for us. My husband and I really love to travel. It’s nice to be able to have something so enjoyable to us that we can put the savings and from our solar energy. So it really became a no brainer for us to do this. From our point of view, there was really no downside to it. Financially it was going to be better for us. We weren’t going to have to worry about it, so why not?