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Happy Clients

See why everyone is making the switch to clean and renewable solar energy

Chris Huggins

Chris Huggins says that the money that he has saved by going solar with Sunrun, has been able to be put into his kid’s college fund.

The Scott Brothers

The Scott Brothers agree that you can reduce your eletricity energy costs by getting solar panels on your home with sunrun today. 

Come & Charlene

Come and Charlene talk about how getting solar power from Sunrun was an absolute no brainer and what it means for them.

Jenn Rexroad

Jenn saved a lot of money by installing solar panels on her house. She used that money to take her family on vacation.

Lori Vukcevich

Lori talks about how going with solar is Easy way to get started without any money down

Jane McClure

Jane says that there is only upside when choosing to go solar now