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Come and Charlene Sunrun Solar Review

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This is why Come and Charlene decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy.

Sunrun is really excited to be able to install our Sunrun Brightsave product here at historic and iconic Painted Ladies. It’s great for Sunrun to be able to participate and truly modernizing the energy here in San Francisco. So I’m Cóme Laguë I’m the owner of the home and along with my wife Charlene Lee, we’ve been in this home for two years, we’re actually sitting in the original Painted Lady of San Francisco’s Alamo square known throughout the world as the Painted Ladies, the builder Matthew Kavanaugh was really ahead of his time in terms of how he was thinking about incorporating elements of technology in this house. So we wanted to keep some of the historical elements of the house, but bring it up to date for today’s modern family. We wanted to really bring onboard sustainable energy to our house. We’re big believers in that. We thought it’d be a very difficult process to get solar on this particular house, just given the height and the complexity of the installation.

But we chose Sunrun as our team and they were fabulous to work with and with helping us navigate that historical process as well as the regular electrical and building permit process. And then in the design phase of things, we had the team really help us design sort of a maximal system that would get the most power of that roof. So that was a fantastic addition. I think that really brings in this house into the modern century. It never ceases to amaze me how many milestones and how many accomplishments Sunrun is able to drive and to be able to come to a historic home like this and to add residential rooftop solar to it and to give these consumers a way to save on their energy and to show how there’s a place for solar in the most historic of homes. Its just an awesome, amazing and fun and exciting opportunity for sunrun. So when I talked to my friends about solar, I just tell them with today’s economics and the price of power continuously rising, it’s just such a no brainer to go and get solar on your roof. Sunrun team are fabulous.