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Chris Huggins Sunrun Solar Review

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This is why Chris Huggins Decided to go Solar and Save Money with Sunrun.

Well I’m retired Air Force veteran 23 years in the air force. I’m married to my wife. We lived in Arizona since 2010. We returned from Germany, being active duty and we loved it so much here. We decided to stay in Phoenix, Arizona where we live. It’s beautiful about the summers are hot and all this energy is right there and we’re not using it with 70 years left of fossil fuels.

My children will still be alive. I’m worrying about my kids growing up. Anything we could do, I thought it was time to teach them and learn myself. So I spoke to my neighbor, Haley, who has a sister named Hannah who works for sunrise. And I said, sure, sure. Come on over. I’ll talk to you. And she was so knowledgeable.

I just felt comfortable working with her. The leasing model was the right choice for us because it was no out of pocket expense at all. It’s 20 year and one cost. Talked to my wife about it and we said, let’s give it a shot. And I signed with Sunrun.

They installed the whole system in one day.

I didn’t have to do anything at all. I’m not sure how much we save up the money. We spend it on vacation, uh, quality time with the family. And of course, the College Fund for the cute, just being able to make the world cleaner. That also impacts more than saving money. You know, live right, treat the world right.