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Walmart Sues Elon Musk’s Tesla over Solar Panel Fire on Roof

Find out why and how Walmart is Suing Tesla over their buildings catching on fire because of their solar panels Listen Here: Apple Podcast | Anchor Podcast Here’s the full transcript for today’s Solar Energy Experts episode All right. Welcome back to the solar energy experts show. We’re ready to do a, bless you guys.…
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Jane McClure Sunrun Solar Review

Why Jane McClure decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy. I don’t like high pressure sales at all. It really puts me off. I didn’t feel that way at all. With sunrun. We’ve been thinking about going solar for a long time and so the sun run agent came out to the house. I was…
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Lori Vukcevich Sunrun Solar Review

Why Lori Vukcevich decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy. We have a big family, we have a big property, and we have really big electric bills. Going Solar was a topic my husband and I had really thought about for a long time. We didn’t realize that we can make a transition to a…
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Come and Charlene Sunrun Solar Review

This is why Come and Charlene decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy. Sunrun is really excited to be able to install our Sunrun Brightsave product here at historic and iconic Painted Ladies. It’s great for Sunrun to be able to participate and truly modernizing the energy here in San Francisco. So I’m Cóme Laguë…
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Scott Brothers Sunrun Review

  This is why Scott Brothers decided to go with Sunrun Solar Energy.   I’m drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. Today we are connecting more devices. We are plugging in more home appliances. Everything now is drawing more power. So we want to make sure that we’re being smart about how we’re powering those items.…
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Chris Huggins Sunrun Solar Review

This is why Chris Huggins Decided to go Solar and Save Money with Sunrun. Well I’m retired Air Force veteran 23 years in the air force. I’m married to my wife. We lived in Arizona since 2010. We returned from Germany, being active duty and we loved it so much here. We decided to stay…
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